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Bob Johnson leads BK Woodworking’s team of Ann Arbor master woodworkers who are passionate about the precision and creativity required for true craftsmanship in woodworking.

Bob Johnson Michigan Master Woodworker

Bob Johnson, Ann Arbor Michigan Master Woodworker

Bob began making full size wooden models of vehicle components for the automobile industry in Detroit when he was only 16 years old.  As amazing as it sounds, many parts in the actual automobiles – including luxury vehicles –were modeled on his creations.

Robert Johnson as a pattern maker in the 1980s, crafting an auto part out of wood

Bob Johnson as a pattern maker in the 1980s, crafting an auto part out of wood

He really enjoyed the work because it was geometrically challenging and also utilized his creativity. Bob says, “I have always liked geometry, trigonometry, layouts, and visualizing projects.  It was great because we would take an engineer’s drawing or blueprint and transform it into a three-dimensional object.  Although the process was rooted in geometry, there was also a creative element and I really liked that.”

Car engine made from wood

Car engine made from wood

At the age of only 20, Bob became a journeyman model maker, a step between a craftsman and an engineer.  His many years of experience since then, working for suppliers to America’s automakers, made Bob a big believer in upfront planning.

He says that in the hands of his Ann Arbor master woodworkers, proper planning invariably produces a quality result.  A variation of the carpentry motto “Measure twice, cut once,” Bob says, “Sometimes just a little thought and ‘boom’ you can whip it together because you have it all planned.”

Precision crafting of wooden automobile component model

Precision crafting of wooden automobile component model

When the auto industry transitioned to computer generated models, Bob began offering his master woodworkers skills — including a thorough knowledge of wood, wood finishes and precision carpentry — to consumers and companies, designing and crafting custom woodworking projects.

Bob quickly gained a reputation for producing exclusive pieces of exceptional quality and he can do that for you.

Whether you’re looking for custom RV furniture, furniture repair or restoration, handmade furniture, custom bookcases, custom fireplace mantels, surrounds and shelves or any other project involving wood, give the master woodworkers at BK Woodworking a call and you won’t be disappointed!  (For your convenience, BK Woodworking accepts most major credit cards.)

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