by BobJohnson on April 1, 2013


Using Lacquer Sanding Sealer

by BobJohnson on November 1, 2010

Robert Johnson, Master Woodworker, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Master Woodworker Robert Johnson

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I have spent many years finishing wood. My favorite and easiest method is using lacquer sanding sealer.

A good sanding sealer (lacquer based) can be brushed on or sprayed and it will dry in minutes compared to hours with polyurethane.

After about ½ hour to an hour lacquer sanding sealer can be sanded with 150 to 320 grit sand paper depending on how heavy the application.

If a heavy coat is sprayed on, be careful to blow air on the piece to set it as you are spraying. This will avoid runs.

You might let it dry for about 2 hours and hit it with a light coat of 320 sandpaper.  One more lighter thinner coat (add more lacquer thinner) and you’ve got a nice finish in a short time.

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