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In all but the most luxurious modern housing designs, custom bookcases are an afterthought – if indeed they’re given any thought at all.

Because of this, people who love and collect books are usually faced with three choices:

  • Keep buying mismatched bookcases
  • Get rid of books once space runs out
  • Store treasured books in piles or boxes

There’s a better way, and it begins with a long-range plan for a collection of custom bookcases from BK Woodworking.

Many people dream of having their own libraries like the ones often featured in magnificent old homes and BK Woodworking’s Bob Johnson and his team of master woodworkers can design and build one for you, piece by piece.

There’s never any worry about your future custom bookcases matching in color and wood as you expand your library, because color matching is one of BK Woodworking’s specialties.

You can choose built-in designs or freestanding custom bookcases that can be moved around.

You may want floor-to-ceiling custom bookcases or wall-to-wall bookcases.   BK Woodworking can even build custom bookcases around corners!

You can select a traditional look, a contemporary style, a design that can also serve as an entertainment center, or one with drawers and/or cabinet drawers.

The design of your custom bookcases is only limited by your imagination but all designs will have one thing in common:  the resultant pieces will last and be treasured by you and your family for generations.

Interested in adding custom bookcases to create an elegant office atmosphere?  BK Woodworking is also happy to help your business or commercial library.

Whether for residential or commercial use, BK Woodworking’s custom bookcases will undoubtedly enhance your overall room or office design.

Call today to begin planning a display that will showcase your treasured collections for a lifetime and beyond.

custom bookcase construction

The stages of creating a beautiful custom bookcase begin with proper wood selection and framing

Ornate detail is added to this custom bookcase for an elegant look

Ornate detail is added to this custom bookcase for an elegant results

Ornate detail is added to this custom bookcase for an elegant look

This custom bookcase will have many graceful details

Shelving is added to this custom bookcase by BK Woodworking of Ann Arbor Michigan

Shelving is added and the custom bookcase is nearly ready to be stained.

A flawless finish for a custom bookcase created by BK Woodworking of Ann Arbor, Michigan

A rich stain is flawlessly applied.

The custom bookcase is ready.

The client was delighted with the final result!

Whether you’re looking for custom bookcases, custom fireplace mantels, surrounds and shelves, handmade furniture, custom RV furniture, furniture repair or restoration, or any other project involving wood, give the master woodworkers at BK Woodworking a call and you won’t be disappointed! (For your convenience, BK Woodworking accepts most major credit cards.)

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