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The owners of BK Woodworking are RV enthusiasts and former boat owners, so they know what it takes to transform the interior of a motor home or boat into a true “home away from home.”

It can be difficult to customize RV and boat interiors without creating a mishmash of designs, but BK Woodworking specializes in creating additional or replacement interior features that will flawlessly match your RV or boat’s original interior.

BK Woodworking’s mission to create comfortable custom RV furniture and beautiful cabinets began when co-owner Bob Johnson realized that sitting in the booth area of his own RV was an unpleasant experience.

The seating area was cramped and having guests over for dinner was next to impossible because there just wasn’t enough seating room.  His wife and co-owner Karen agreed.

Bob’s ingenuity led him to design a one-of-a-kind RV booth replacement that served at least three purposes.

  • It was a desk
  • It was a table that could be pulled out and with leaves inserted, could comfortably seat six or more people
  • The desk area also provided a place to enclose and hide the cat litter box!  The family cats couldn’t be happier, because they could enter with ease and also have a secluded place in which to do their business.
RV booth replacement with expandable table

The cramped booth in Bob & Karen's RV is now a spacious area for entertaining

Not only that, but because of his extensive knowledge about wood and finishes, Bob was able to precisely match the existing cabinets above the booth replacement.  He can do the same for you.

Because Bob’s ingenuity is one of his (and yours) most valuable assets, he started thinking about creating other lightweight custom RV furniture and motor home or boat offerings that now include cabinets for flat panel TVs and other electronics.

If you’re yearning to replace your RV or boat’s old analog TV to a modern flat panel unit, BK Woodworking can house it in lightweight custom cabinetry designed to fit with precision and look just great.

When it comes to boat cabinetry, Bob has also experienced the frustrations of not having what he needed on board.

He likes to tell the story about a boat he owned that didn’t have enough storage for dishes.  In order to match the existing counter tops, he sent away to the manufacturer to get the same materials and then he cut, machined and glued them together to make what he wanted.  He then made cherry wood molding to match the other cherry wood trim and when it was finished the new cabinetry looked like it was one of the boat’s original features.

As the BK Woodworking slogan says, when it comes to custom RV furniture and customized boat interiors, “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

Whatever your woodworking project,  be it carefully crafted custom RV furniture or boat interior modifications,  you will be delighted with the appearance and in most cases it will help you increase your RV storage and boat cargo space,  in the most luxurious ways you could imagine.RV storage is improved with this custom RV furniture

Although BK Woodworking is a company of Ann Arbor custom RV furniture craftspeople, we can create custom RV furniture for you regardless of where you live.  Just give us a call to discuss long-distance arrangements.

Whether you’re looking for custom RV furniture,  handmade furniture, custom bookcases, furniture repair or restoration, custom fireplace mantels, surrounds and shelves, or any other project involving wood, give the master woodworkers at BK Woodworking a call and you won’t be disappointed! (For your convenience, BK Woodworking accepts most major credit cards)

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