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Craftsmanship in Furniture Repair

Have you ever had a prized piece of furniture damaged by living room party attendees or kids playing ball where they shouldn’t?  Or maybe you saw a piece of furniture at a garage sale that would be great to own — if only it didn’t have that huge scratch, water ring, scuff, gouge, dent, or didn’t have a wobbly leg, etc.

ornate antique arm chair repaired by BK Woodworking Ann Arbor

The wooden arm on this ornate antique sofa was partially severed. BK Woodworking was able to restore its intricate detail.

Regardless of the damage or how it happened, BK Woodworking’s unparalleled furniture repair techniques can make that wooden furniture look like new.  (Or in the case of antiques, still look old – but fabulous!)

Anyone who knows Bob Johnson and his team knows that their Ann Arbor furniture repair shop uses methods that are meticulous and always produce quality results.

As Bob says, “I have always been picky.  I won’t settle for something being crooked. If it’s supposed to be straight I’ll make it straight and a furniture repair must match the original style.  I had one customer for example, who had a chair that was made around the 1920s and part of it was broken off.   I attached a similar piece of wood to it – it might have been mahogany — and reworked it until the swirls matched the original.  My philosophy is that if you can attach a piece of wood to a broken piece – and you have the right skills — it can be reshaped to match the original.”

"Before" photo of broken table leg repaired by Ann Arbor Furniture Repair Company BK Woodworking

Initial restoration of table leg with missing piece

Ann Arbor furniture repair

Finished restoration of table leg with missing piece

BK Woodworking’s Ann Arbor furniture repair and refinishing services are available for items such as tables, chairs, dressers, bed frames, desks, cabinets, antiques and virtually anything made of wood.  Color matching is one of our specialties.

You can trust BK Woodworking to give your family’s heirlooms the care they deserve.

Although BK Woodworking is an Ann Arbor furniture repair company, we can repair items shipped from any location.  Just give us a call.

Whether you’re looking for furniture repair or restoration, custom fireplace mantels, surrounds and shelves,  custom RV furniture,  handmade furniture, custom bookcases, or any other project involving wood, give the master woodworkers at BK Woodworking a call and you won’t be disappointed! (For your convenience, BK Woodworking accepts most major credit cards.)

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