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Our motto “If you can dream it, we can build it” especially applies to handmade furniture.

Too often, people will find a furniture piece they absolutely love and they wish they had other pieces to match it.  They search and search and while some items may come close, they’re never quite right.

That’s where BK Woodworking can help, with custom handmade furniture based on your ideas or ours.

One of BK Woodworking’s most memorable handmade furniture projects was an Ann Arbor custom cabinetry job.

Elegant office furniture can be yours with help from BK Woodworking in Ann Arbor, Michigan

These handmade cabinets and workspace were custom fitted for comfort by BK Woodworking.

Like many people, the client had an office in her home but wanted it to look less like an office and more like an elegantly furnished work area designed specifically for her height.

This challenge ignited Ann Arbor master woodworker Bob Johnson’s imagination and his ingenuity combined with his experience produced precisely what the client wanted.

Storing a printer out of sight with handmade furniture from BK Woodworking

No more ugly office equipment in sight for this BK Woodworking client! This printer is hidden away until its needed.

The custom cabinets were placed just where she wanted them and office equipment like her printer was hidden from view without losing any functionality.

And if this client wants to add another cabinet or two?  Not a problem.  Cabinet matching is one of BK Woodworking’s specialties.

If you have a handmade furniture or cabinetry idea you’d love to bring to life with wood, BK Woodworking is the company you need to call.  You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Whether you’re looking for handmade furniture, custom bookcases, custom fireplace mantels, surrounds and shelves, furniture repair or restoration, custom RV furniture, or any other project involving wood, the master woodworkers at BK Woodworking can help.

Call today and take the first step toward turning your dreams into reality. (For your convenience, BK Woodworking accepts most major credit cards.)

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